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The Government of the Kingdom of Tonga would like to respond to issues raised by the media in regards to the investment agreement recently executed by the Tongan Government and the Ngati Tahu Ngati Whaoa Trust (‘the Trust’) from New Zealand

In respect of the judgment made by the New Zealand High Court against the current Chairman of the Trust, this was a private matter which does not in any shape or form relate to, or affect the Agreement that exists between the Trust and the Tongan Government.

The Tongan Government understands that the members of the Trust have full confidence in the current Chairman and his leadership and managerial abilities, and so the Tongan Government will continue to respect the office holders of the Trust.

The Trust has committed to the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

The Tongan Government is confident that its interests under the Agreement are protected, and that both parties have rights to remedies if required.

The Tongan Government is also confident with the level of due diligence that it carried out before executing the agreement with the Trust, and it sees no justifiable basis to change that position now.

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