The Ministry of Public Enterprises was established in October of 2006 and is now on its nineth year of operation.

The Ministry of Public Enterprises (MPE) is among the few new Ministries set up by the Government of Tonga (GOT) to carry forward its various reform programs.

The reform programs permeate the social, economical and political arena. The Ministry of Public Enterprises focuses in economical reforms particularly in the attempt to better utilise public resources in creating wealth and adding value to service provision. At the same time, the Ministry is integrating its policy with the GOT overall emphasis on a private sector-led economy.

The Ministry draws its operating powers and authority from various Acts and the National Strategic Plans. The Acts include the followings:

•    The Public Enterprises Act of 2002
•    The Company’s Act 1995
•    Strategic Development Plan 8 (SDP8)

Our Vision

For the MPE:    The leading organization in promoting, enabling and encouraging growth in the Public Enterprise performances thus assists growing the government revenue from the Public Enterprises

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Our Mission

1.    Assist all PE to become profitable and sustainable and contributes to the GOT revenue
2.    Ensure PE’s are servicing and meeting the needs of all Tongans 

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Our Values

To accomplish our mission and to deliver to our vision, MPE has adopted these values:

  1.  Positive values: We need to think optimistically about the future direction of the organization, and the overall client base of the organization. We have to serve our clients and customers with a positive attitude

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Core Customers

  1.  Public Enterprises    -    currently, there are fifteen (15) Public Enterprises
  2.  Legislative Assembly    -    Public Enterprises Act 2002 requires the Ministry of Public Enterprises to present to the Legislative Assembly certain information at a prescribed time.
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Core Functions

  1.  Support the Minister in strengthening the implementation of the Public Enterprises Act 2002, in his role as shareholder
  2.  Gather non-financial and financial information on all public enterprises and effectively monitor the database of their financial performances

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Organizational Structure

MPE organizational Structure

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