To accomplish our mission and to deliver to our vision, MPE has adopted these values:

  1.  Positive values: We need to think optimistically about the future direction of the organization, and the overall client base of the organization. We have to serve our clients and customers with a positive attitude
  2.  Pride: We have to be proud of ourselves and the Ministry we are working for
  3.  Support and collaboration: We need to be supportive of our customers and to work collaboratively with our other stakeholders
  4.  Integrity and honesty – this is a vital value for the operation. We must have a zero tolerance for dishonesty.
  5.  Empowerment – we must empower our staff and our stakeholders and customers to achieve their goals and contribute to ours
  6.  Service and professionalism – we must have a professional approach to our service provision and our work in general
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