Upon the direction of the CEO, the Social Committee for the Ministry of Public Enterprises (MPE) proposed as a way to promote healthy living for the staff to begin with a 30min-1hour walk along Vuna Road, Kolomotu’a Area. The initial stages of this health promotion programme is to have the health promotion walk once every week on Thursday’s which started on the 14th April 2016.

We plan to increase the number of days in a week we have the exercise and also include cardio workouts such as Zumba. It is important to allow staff to get use to the exercise first before increasing the workout, as suddenly overworking the body may have detrimental effects instead.

We hope that not only will this programme promote a healthier lifestyle for the staff but encourages teamwork and proactiveness.

“A Healthy Body is a Healthy Mind”

team spirit

                                      Photo Source: Ministry of Public Enterprises


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