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Talekita Poate Fakatahataha ‘o e Ngaahi Kautaha Pisinisi ‘a e Pule’anga ‘i he Sekitoa Fefononga’aki

Na’e fakanofo ‘e he ‘Eiki Minisita ki he Ngaahi Kautaha Pisinisi ‘a e Pule’anga, Hon. Poasi Tei ‘i he loto ki ai ‘a e Kapineti ‘a ‘ene ‘Afio, ‘a e kau Talekita Poate Fakatahataha’i ‘o e Sekitoa Fefononga’aki. Ko e Sekitoa Fefononga’aki ‘oku kau ki ai ‘a e ngaahi Kautaha Pisinisi´ni:


  1. Poate Ma’u Mafai ki he Uafu ‘a Tonga
  2. Kautaha ki he ‘u Mala’evakapuna ‘a Tonga
  3. Kautaha Vakatahi ‘Otumotu Anga’ofa 

Ko e kau Talekita na’e fokotu’u ki he Sekitoa Fefononga’aki ‘oku kau ki ai ‘a:

  1. Mr. Stephen Edwards
  2. Dr. Cpt. Sione Tu‘itupou Fotu
  3. Mr. Viliami Takau Jr
  4. Mr. Tomifa Paea
  5. Ms. Heleni Po’uliva’ati Toli   

Kuo fakanofo ‘a Mr. Edwards ko e Sea pea mo Dr. Fotu ko e Tokoni Sea. ‘Oku foaki tatau ki he kau Talekita kotoa ‘a e ‘uluaki teemi ngāue ko e ta’u ‘e taha (1) mo malava ke fakalōloa ki he ta’u ‘e

tolu (3).

Puipuitu’a: Potupotutatau & Totonu e Founga Fakahoko Ngāue

Na’e kamata hono fakahoko ‘e he Potungāue hono ngāue’aki e ngaahi tu’utu’uni mo e fakahinohino ‘i he Polokalama liliu ki he kau Talekita Fakatahataha’i ‘o e ngaahi Kautaha ‘a e Pule’anga fakatatau ki he tu’utu’uni ‘a e Kapineti ‘i he ‘aho 12 ‘o Sune 2015.

Ko e founga fili mo e fakanofo´ na’e fakahoko fakatatau pea mo e Lao ki he Kautaha Pisinisi ‘a e Pule’anga pea mo e ngaahi fakahinohino ki he founga fili 'o ha Talekita fakatatau ki he poto'i ngāue mo e founga fakanofo 'o ha Talekita , pea toe tali ke fili ‘e he ‘Eiki Minisita ‘o e Potungāue ’a e Komiti Fili Tau’atāina (ISC) ke nau fakahoko ‘a hono fili ‘o e kau Talekita ‘o toki fokotu’u atu ki he ‘Eiki Minisita ke ne tali pea pehe ki ha loto ki ai ‘a e Kapineti.

Ko e ngaahi lakanga Talekita ‘ataa´ni ‘o e Sekitoa Fefononga’aki na’e tu’uaki ‘i he ngaahi nusipepa mo e 'initaneti, pea na’e ‘atā ke ma’u e ngaahi fakamatala ‘o e lakanga ‘o ka fiema’u. Ko e Komiti ki hono fili e kau Taulekita ki he Sekitoa Fefononga’aki ko e sino tau’atāina mo potupotu tatau ki hono ‘analaiso mo fili ‘a e kau Talekita Poate, mei he kau tohi ngāue e ni’ihi ke faka’eke’eke, ki mu’a hono fakahū e fokotu’u ‘o kinautolu ‘oku ‘amanekina ke fokotu’u ki he ‘Eiki Minisita ke ne me’a’i mo tali.


Tuku atu mei he: Potungaue ki he Ngaahi Kautaha Pisinisi 'a e Pule'anga, P. O. Box 19, Taufa'ahau Road, Nuku'alofa, Kingodom of Tonga  Tel: (+676) 28 144 / 28 808  Fax: (+676) 24 598  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view  Website:

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New Transport Sector Board Appointees

Five new Shared Directors for Tonga's Transport Sector Public Enterprises have been named by the Ministry of Public Enterprises, on May 9, 2016. 

The Minister of Public Enterprises, Hon. Poasi Tei, with His Majesty’s Cabinet’s consent, has appointed the Shared Directors (SDs) for the Transport Sector, comprised of the following Public Enterprises (PEs):

  1. Ports Authority Tonga
  2. Tonga Airports Limited
  3. Friendly Islands Shipping Agency

The successful Shared Directors appointees for the Transport Sector are:

  1. Mr. Stephen Edwards
  2. Dr. Cpt. Sione Tu‘itupou Fotu
  3. Mr. Viliami Takau Jr
  4. Mr. Tomifa Paea
  5. Ms. Helen Po‘uliva‘ati Toli

Mr. Edwards has been appointed as Chairperson, with Dr. Fotu as Deputy Chairperson. The appointees have been equally granted an initial service term of one year with a possible extension of up to three years.

Fairness & Due Process

The Ministry commenced implementing policies and guidelines on the Reform Shared Directors for Public Enterprises Program, as approved by Cabinet on 12 June 2015. 

The selection and appointment processes were implemented in accordance with the Public Enterprises Act and 'Guidelines for a Skills Based Selection and Appointment Process for Public Enterprises Directors'. The Cabinet also approved for the Hon. Minister of Public Enterprises to appoint members of an Independent Selection Committee (ISC) to select the appropriate directors, subsequently, submitting it to the Minister for his discretion and Cabinet’s consent. 

The Shared Directors vacancies for the Transport Sector were advertised on local newspapers and websites, with the availability of Post Descriptions on request. The Transport Sector ISC was appointed as an independent and impartial pre-screening body to analyze and shortlist applicants for interview, prior to submitting a proposal of prospective appointees for the Minister’s due consideration and approval.

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Issued by: Ministry of Public Enterprises, P.O. Box 19, Nuku'alofa, Kingdom of Tonga  Tel: (+676) 28 144 / 28 808  Fax: (+676) 24 598  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Website:


The PITA 20th AGM started its activities from the morning of 25 April 2016 with the PITA CEOs forum followed by an informal Meet & Greet forum by the MINISTERS & LEADERS from the Pacific attending the event and who are responsible for Telecommunications.

PITA20thAGM-group photo Ministers meet-greet Forum

Later in the afternoon, with a packed full house for the opening session, the President of French Polynesia and Minister of Telecommunications, his Excellency Edouard Tereori Fritch welcomed everyone, congratulated PITA on its 20 years of critical roles and relevance for the Pacific Islands, and spoke on the need for all to work together, before formally opening the the PITA 20th AGM.

PITA20thAGM-Group Photo CEO Forum

Over 300 delegates attended from Pacific & Oceania countries, developed countries from US, Asia and as far as Europe and Middle East continents. The PITA 20th AGM is kindly hosted by the OPT French Polynesia and held at the Intercontinental Hotel TAHITI.


 Source: PITA website

Upon the direction of the CEO, the Social Committee for the Ministry of Public Enterprises (MPE) proposed as a way to promote healthy living for the staff to begin with a 30min-1hour walk along Vuna Road, Kolomotu’a Area. The initial stages of this health promotion programme is to have the health promotion walk once every week on Thursday’s which started on the 14th April 2016.

We plan to increase the number of days in a week we have the exercise and also include cardio workouts such as Zumba. It is important to allow staff to get use to the exercise first before increasing the workout, as suddenly overworking the body may have detrimental effects instead.

We hope that not only will this programme promote a healthier lifestyle for the staff but encourages teamwork and proactiveness.

“A Healthy Body is a Healthy Mind”

team spirit

                                      Photo Source: Ministry of Public Enterprises


Tu‘utu‘uni ‘a e Fakamaau‘anga Lahi ‘i he Fakamaloloo‘i ‘a e ongo Talekita
mei he Poate ‘a e Komisoni Fakamafola Lea ‘o Tonga


‘I he tu’utu’uni ‘a e Fakamaau’anga lahiʹ, na’e pehe ai na’e ‘ikai ke makatu’unga ‘a e tu’utu’uni ‘a e Minisitaʹ ki he Ngaahi Pisinisi ‘a e Pule‘anga ke fakamalolo’i ‘a Lady Dowager ‘Eseta Fusitu’a and Lady Dowager Tuna Fielakepa mei he Talekita Poate ‘a e Komisoni Fakamafola Lea ‘o Tonga (TBC) ‘o fakatatau ki he kupu 14 (6) mo e 14 (7) ‘o e lao ki he ngaahi pisinisi ‘a e Pule‘angaʹ, ka na’e tefito ia ke fakakakato ‘a e tu‘utu’uniʹ aia na’e tomua fakapapau’i ke fakahoko ‘a e fakalelei (reform) ki he ngaahi Talekita ‘o e Poate ki he ngaahi pisinisi ‘a e Pule‘angaʹ.

Koe ngaahi fakamatala na’e ‘aveʹ ki he fakamaau’anga lahi na’e kau ki ai ‘a e ngaahi fetohi‘aki, ngaahi tu’utu’uni ‘a e Kapinetiʹ mo e fakamatala fuakava pe “affidavit” ‘a e Pule Lahi ‘o e Potungāue ki he Ngaahi Pisinisi ‘a e Pule‘anga (CEO). Kaekehe, ne mahino mei he tu’utu’uni ‘a e fakamaauʹ na’e ‘ikai lava ‘e he ngaahi fakamatala ko ‘eni ke fakapapau’i ki ai koe ‘uhinga tefito ‘o e tu’utu’uniʹ na’e faiʹ ne makatu’unga he kupu 14(6) mo e 14(7) ‘o e lao ki he ngaahi pisinisi ‘a e Pule‘angaʹ.

Na’e fakamahino ‘e he fakamaau’anga lahi na’e ‘ikai ‘iai ha ngaahi fakamatala fe’unga ke fakahaa’i ‘a e ngāue mo e ngaahi fokotu’u ‘a e kömiti si‘i (sub-committee) ‘a e Kapinetiʹ ki he Kapinetiʹ fekau’aki mo e fakamaloloo’i ‘a e ongo Talekita mei he Poate Talekita ‘a e Komisoni Fakamafola Lea ‘o Tonga (TBC). Na’e kau ‘i he ngaahi fakamamafaʹ ‘a e fakamaau’anga lahi ‘a e ‘ikai ke ‘iai ha fakamatala fuakava pe affidavit” ‘a e Minisitaʹ ‘o fakamatala ange ai e ngaahi ‘uhinga moe puipuitu’a ‘o e ngaahi tu’utu’uni na’e loto mo fakahoko kiai ‘e he Kapinetiʹ fekau’aki mo hono fakamaloloo’i ‘a e ongo Talekita ‘o e Poate ‘a e Komisoni Fakamafola Lea ‘o Tonga (TBC).

Na’e ‘ikai ‘ave ha fakamatala fuakava ‘a e Minisitaʹ ‘o fakatatau pe ia ki he fale’i fakalao na’a ne ma’uʹ ‘o peheʹ na’e fe’unga pe ‘a e ngaahi fakamatala kuo ‘aveʹ kene fakahaʹ e ‘uhinga totonu ‘o e tu’utu’uniʹ. Pea ko e tu’utu’uni ‘a e fakamaauʹ na’e makatu’unga pe ia he ngaahi fakamatala na’a ne ma’uʹ, fakataha mo e ngaahi fakamatala fakamahino he taimi ‘o e hopoʹ.

‘I he taimi ni, ‘oku te’eki ai ha tu’utu’uni ‘a e Kapinetiʹ ki ha hoko atu mei heni. Koe me’a mahu’inga ke fakatokanga’i heniʹ, ko e founga na’e fakahoko’aki e ngaahi ngāue ko ‘eni ‘e he Minisitaʹ fakataha mo e Kapinetiʹ, ne fai’aki e laumalie lelei, fielangafonua, faka’apa’apa, mo e toka’iʹ. Koe tu’utu’uni ne fakahokoʹ ‘oku ‘ikai koha tu’utu’uni ia ‘oku fiefia ai ha taha (he koe nofo-‘a-kainga peʹ ‘etau nofo hotau fonuaʹ ni), ka koe feinga ia ‘a e Pule’angaʹ ki he ngaahi fokotu’utu’u ‘e lelei fakalukufua ki hotau fonuaʹ ni.

‘Oku hokohoko atu pe ‘a e fakalelei (reform) ‘a e ngaahi poateʹ, ‘a ia ‘oku ‘amanaki ke kamata ‘i he ‘aho 1 ‘o Me 2016 ‘a e hoko atu ki he Sekitoa Fefononga’aki (Transport Sector), ‘a ia ‘oku kau ki ai ‘a e Poate Ma’u Mafai Ki he Taulangaʹ (Ports Authority Tonga), Poate ‘a e ngaahi Mala’e Vakapuna (Tonga Airports Ltd), mo e Kautaha ‘o e MV ‘Otuanga’ofa (Friendly Islands Shipping Agency). Hili ia ‘e hoko atu leva ki he Sekitoa Ngöue (Agriculture Sector) ‘a ia ko e Kautaha Fakamaketi a Tonga (Tonga Market Corporation Ltd), mo e Kautaha Vao‘akau ‘a Tonga (Tonga Forest Products Ltd), pea ‘e toki vakai e Tonga Export Quality Management pe ‘e kau ki ai pe ‘ikai.

Tukukehe ange ‘a e lelei ange ‘a e totongi ‘inasi moe tupu fakalukufua ‘a e ngaahi pisinisiʹ he taimi niʹ, ‘oku kamata haʹ mai ‘a e lava ke ngāue fakataha ‘a e ngaahi poateʹ ki he ngaahi ngāue ‘oku lava ‘o fakahoko fakatahaʹ ‘o kau kiai mo e fetokoni’aki fakataukei ‘oku fakahoko ‘i he poate Utilities mo e
Fetu’utaki.ʹ ‘Oku lahi ‘a e ngaahi ngāue ia ‘oku fai ‘a e tokanga ki ai he taimi niʹ (ko e fakaikiki e toki fakaha atu ia ‘i ha taimi kehe ‘i he kaha’u), ka ko hono aofangatukuʹ ‘eni:

  • ‘E lelei ange ai hono fakahoko e tefito’i fatongia mo e ngaue ‘a e ngaahi poateʹ;
  • ‘E si’isi’iange ai e fakamoleʹ pea lava ke holo hifo ai mo ma’ama’a ‘a e totongiʹ ki he kakaiʹ;
  • ‘E lelei ange ai e tu’unga fakapisinisiʹ pea lahi ange mo e totongi ‘inasi ‘ae ngaahi poateʹ ki he Pule’angaʹ ke fakahoko’aki hono ngaahi fatongia ki he kakaiʹ moe fonuaʹ.

Fika fetu’utaki moe Tu’asila:
Potungāue ki he Ngaahi Pisinisi ‘a ePule’anga,
P. O. Box. 19,
Taufa'ahau Road,

Fika Telefoni: (+676) 28-144 / 28-808
Fascimile: (+676) 24-598
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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