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Chief Executive Officer for Public Enterprises, Mr. Sione 'Akau'ola, attended the 24th Pacific Power Association Annual Conference at Majuro, Marshal Islands from the 13th to the 17th of July with the Hon Minister of Public Enterprises.  The PPA Conference is the largest energy conference in the region and the focus was on all aspects of electricity in the Pacific Islands.  This year, at the Conference, the Hon Minister for Public Enterprises, Poasi Tei presented at the conference to host the 25th Pacific Power Association Annual Conference to be held in Tonga 2016.  After the presentation to the Board, they all voted and a resolution was passed that Tonga will host the 25th PPA Conference 2016.  Following the conference, the CEO attended the Regional Workshop on Accelerating the Deployment of Feasible Renewable Energy Technologies in the Pacific Islands held in Honolulu, Hawaii from 21st to 23rd July, 2015.”


A comprehensive training session on the Companies Act and the Public Enterprises Act was held this Thursday at the Ministry of Revenue’s Conference room hosted by the Ministry of Public Enterprises. There were 30 participants comprising of company secretaries, legal advisors, CEO’s of the various Public Enterprises present. A public enterprise is a government owned business.

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