The government’s role towards its Public Enterprises was commended as a division under the Ministry of Finance. In October 2006, the Government decided to establish the Ministry of Public Enterprises through the Public Service and Economic reform program to specifically oversee and monitor the Government’s commercial interests.

The Government of Tonga (GOT) established the Ministry to support the Minister of Public Enterprises, as the representative of GOT, as the shareholder in its Public Enterprises (PEs), in accordance with the PE Act, the requirements of the Tonga Strategic Development Framework II (TSDF II) and the GoT’s other identified priorities.

As the GoT continued its reform programs in various sectors, the Ministry is working with PEs to support these programs and to contribute to economic and social sustainability. This is to be achieved through the efficient utilization of public resources in creating wealth, service provision and the support of the Private Sector as the engine of economic growth. These focuses guided the Ministry’s relationship with PEs and stakeholders.

The Ministry depicted its operating powers and authority from legislations and the TSDF II, which include:

  • The Public Enterprises Act 2002 as amended (2006 & 2010)
  • The Companies Act 1995
  • Tonga Strategic Development Framework