Who we are

Our Mission Statement / Who we are

  • Assist all PEs to become profitable and sustainable & contribute to Government Revenue
  • Ensure PEs are serving and meeting the needs of all Tongans. 
  • Prepare PEs for eventual restructure or reforms when required. 
  • Ensure PEs outcomes and direction are in line with government priorities. 

Our Vision, Our Values


to be a leading organization in promoting, enabling & encouraging outstanding performance of the Public Enterprises.


The following core values serve to constantly guide both the employee and the ministry in achieving their mutual goals, in a manner that is based on an ethical and ideological framework.

  • Integrity and ethics
  • Respect
  • Innovation (no imitation)
  • Drive

Our Core Responsibilities

Our Result Map

This shows the various levels in the result map for the Ministry and its relationship to the TSDF.